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The Fascinating King's Gambit

This work is probably the first book devoted to investigating the entire Bishop's Gambit. But that is not all! A complete in depth repertoire against black's different ways of declining white's pawn offer is also provided. A great service for those who may want to take up this opening with the white pieces! The author laboured with the analytical work for nearly two years, aiming to create one of the best theoretical guides to the King's Gambit ever written. - But if he fulfilled this ambition can of course, only be determined by the reader! What can not be denied is that Johansson shares a multitude of theoretical novelties and insights with his readers. Basically offering them access to an almost unexplored world which until now has been reserved for a relatively small crowd of strong King's Gambiteers.

The Fascinating King's Gambit

The King’s Gambit

The King’s Gambit must be the favorite chess opening of every attacking player. Today's players, under the malign influence of their computer programs, are more materialistic and loath to sacrifice a pawn for long-term compensation. The honorable exceptions are Alexander Morozevich and Nigel Short, two world-class players who are willing to risk the King’s Gambit. Jan Pinski, an International Master from Poland, seeks to popularize this ancient opening, with in-depth analysis solving many of the supposed problems with this opening. Despite the complexity of the material, the reader will have no difficulties following the book, as Pinski clearly explains the issues using his skill as an experienced journalist and chess author

The King's Gambit