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GM Yasser Seirawan Gives Seirawan Chess Simul

Video Clip 1/8 of Seirawan Chess Simultaneous

Yvette Nagel-Seirawan and GM Yasser Seirawan

GM Yasser Seirawan, Bruce Harper, Len Molden, GM Duncan Suttles

Organizers Len Molden and Bruce Harper congratulate Yasser After Simul

Vancouver Chess Centre Organizers Toni and Norman

GM Yasser Seirawan Relaxing After Simul

Alfred Pechisker who defeated Yasser

Duane Pollich, Washington State Chess Organizer

Brazilian Gilmar Machado and Eduardo Moura originally from Brazil

Jamie Harper who defeated Yasser

Ed Enns, GM Duncan Suttles, Laura Harper, Tiffany Tang

Port Coquitlam Chess Club Organizers Brent McLean and Ed Enns

Brent McLean ponders a move

Brian Sullivan and Clint Ballard

Paul McNichol and Hugh Long

Yvette watches husband Yasser play

Bruce Harper

Bruce Harper asks son Jamie how he's doing

Laura Harper and Tiffany Tang

Robin Harper, wife of Bruce, mother of Jamie and Laura

Alfred realizes Yasser has dropped a piece

Yasser realizes he's dropped a piece to Alfred!

Yasser makes a move against Duane, his friend for over 30 years

Yasser checks time, realizing that he and Yvette have a plane to catch

Yasser about to move his c1 bishop and bring his elephant into play

Yasser plays his bishop to f4 and puts his elephant on c1 vs. Hugh Long

Bruce Harper and GM Duncan Suttles

Video Clips 2-8 of Seirawan Chess Simultaneous

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