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Sicilian Defense Dragon System

This book has just the right mix of theory and analysis as well as tactical themes. Unlike some books (such as The Complete Dragon and Ultimate Dragon by Gufeld and Stetsko) this book focuses primarily on white systems against the Dragon and offers one or two systems against each of White's systems. It also covers early deviations once the basic Dragon position has been reached (1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cd4 4. Nd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 g6). It includes some brilliant wins by Black (which is what the reader should strive to emulate) as well as some examples of Black players underestimating the potential strength of White's kingside attack. There is even a section on anti-Sicilians which help the reader to find lines in which play is similar to that of the Dragon so that the reader does not have to sift through pages of an opening reference to find an antidote.

Winning With the Sicilian Dragon 2: A Complete Repertoire Against 1 e4 For the Attacking Player

Sicilian Dragon 1 & 2 Chess Opening Software

The Dragon system of the Sicilian Defense cannot be played casually - one must become passionate! Many players use this opening all their lives, and they know that antidotes are soon found for each and every "refutation". The Dragon is dynamic and sound. The trademark variations of the Dragon are above all the sharp lines in which White castles long and Black castles short. GM Rogozenko has provided in the Sicilian Dragon 2 chess software program a very complete treatment of this theme - namely those variations in which White castles long. We benefit from his breadth of specialized knowledge as he presents all the latest theory in 95 introductory texts about the individual lines. Over 500 of the approximately 1,000 annotated games in the main database are commented by the author personally. The final touch in the CD is the inclusion of two training databases  one from the point of view of White and the other from the point of view of Black.

Sicilian Dragon 1 and 2 Chess Opening Software Program