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The Sicilian Defense Kan Variation

The Sicilian Kan is an ideal choice as an opening weapon against 1 e4, as it is one of the easiest variations of the Sicilian to learn and play. This is because, unlike some variations of the Sicilian, you don’t need to memorize loads of opening theory in order to be successful. The Kan is relatively theory free in the traditional sense, and success is more likely to occur through the understanding of development systems and a deep study of the tactical and positional ideas for both sides.

In this book Johan Hellsten draws upon his vast experience in the Sicilian Kan, revealing his secrets and showing how Black can adopt this opening and play it with confidence. He provides the reader with a dependable repertoire, demonstrating what to do in the main lines as well as how to deal with White’s tricky alternatives.

Detailed coverage of an easy-to-play Sicilian Defense line
Includes answers to all of White’s main options
Written by a renowned Sicilian Kan Variation expert

Johan Hellsten is a Grandmaster and a former Swedish Champion who has represented his country in numerous Olympiads and team tournaments. He has enjoyed many tournament successes and has won individual gold and bronze medals at the European Team Championships. He is currently employed as the chess teacher at the Universidad de Tarapacá in Arica, Chile.

Play the Sicilian Kan: A Dynamic and Flexible Repertoire for Black